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Julia Vantur is a beauty enthusiast, eyelash extension expert, and businesswoman rolled into one. Julia Vantur has over 6 years of experience, and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Her significant experience in the beauty industry has helped her develop a keen eye for what works and what does not work for different people in specific situations. She believes that beauty is an important aspect of day-to-day existence, enriching human lives and giving each individual a more defining identity. Beauty represents a number of things for Julia. What she wants to emphasize in her beauty advocacy, however, is the transformative nature of looking good.

Beauty Guru

If you look your best while you go about your daily routine, not only will you feel confident about yourself but you can also get a lot of work done. Beauty paves the way to even more beauty. It creates a positive image, and changes perception and people’s behavior towards you. Each person should make an effort to look great. Julia encourages her audience to live every day in beauty, as doing so attracts positivity and makes your self-confidence shine through.

Eyelash Extension Professional

As an eyelash extension expert, Julia advocates the use of lash extensions to enhance and add more force to one’s looks. Eyelashes can do a number of things for you – from making your eyes more attractive to protecting them from harmful particles. Eyelash extensions can enhance your natural beauty in a more efficient and less costly manner. Wearing eyelash extensions saves time and resources because it reduces the need for buying and applying eye makeup. Eyelash extensions are also the perfect beauty tools for girls with natural eyelash or eyelid problems.


Julia is the owner of, a blog that offers a wide range of information about eyelash extensions. The blog also provides tips on how to choose the right eyelash extension for your eyes, what type of extension to go for in particular events, how to get the best bargains, and the proper use of eyelash extensions, among others. is a labor of love, a spin-off development of Julia’s beauty advocacy.

About is the go-to site for avid wearers of lash extensions. It is basically a blog about eyelash extensions and for eyelash extension lovers. Anyone looking to have a better experience using this beauty enhancer can benefit from this blog, where they can find tips and pieces of information about different types of lashes, current prices and the best deals. contains a wealth of information about, and related to, eyelashes.

If it is your first-time using eyelash extensions, then you have all the more reason to visit Bonding an extension is no easy feat. The wrong application can breed disastrous results and may hurt your lids and natural eyelashes. You need professional advice and guidance to keep a lash extension in place. is the best venue for learning the dos and don’ts of wearing eyelash extensions.

Highlights of

  • The types of lash extension available in the market
  • The differences of each type of extension including length of time each type stays in place
  • The pros and cons of wearing a specific type of lash extension
  • When and how to use what type of lash extension to your advantage
  • Strategies and techniques for getting the eyelash extension you want at an affordable price
  • Latest eyelash extensions and their respective prices
  • The benefits of wearing lash extensions
  • The significance of lash extensions in today’s society
  • Fast and easy bonding methods for first-time wearers of lash extensions
  • The effects of poor application
  • The advantage of eyelash extensions over wearing makeup offers all these tips and a lot more. Whether you are a long-time fan of eyelash extensions or have never considered eyelash extensions before, will help you see this prominent beauty enhancer in a new light, and use it in a way that makes you feel great about yourself and what you do.

Mission has been bringing results since we started in (insert YEAR). Our goal is to deliver both a superior experience and great value for our readers.

We believe that readers deserve:

  • To have access to a wide range of information about eyelash extensions that could not be found in other eyelash extension blogs
  • To see the use of eyelash extensions as an efficient and less costly way of enhancing their natural beauty
  • To know more about the proper application and care of eyelash extensions
  • To be updated about latest trends and prices in the eyelash extension market
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  • To find encouragement and empowerment in the use of eyelash extensions

We further hope that through, readers will consider eyelash extensions as tools for boosting their self-perception, helping them gain more confidence as they pursue various undertakings.


We envision a society where women find joy in being beautiful.

We like to see women who enhance their beauty not because they want to cover up their flaws, but because they want to show the world how happy they are with themselves.

We look forward to more empowered and self-assured individuals who love to enhance their natural beauty for the right reasons.

Through, we see our readers celebrating their beauty through the use of eyelash extensions.

In the next few years, we will continue to help our readers find a balance between using eyelash extensions to appear more attractive and using eyelash extensions for more functional reasons.

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