Should I get permanent extensions for my eyelashes?

We all know that nowadays having normal eyelashes just isn’t as impressive as those situations when  you place some extensions. Our society places a lot of value on the look so yes, sometimes we do need to acquire some great extensions for our eyelashes. But are they good for us or not? The reality is that each person tends to have a different look and taste, so in the end it comes down to the way they look on your rather than anything else, but the main idea is that the look will always manage to impress if the extensions are placed correctly.

In all honesty, the permanent eyelash extensions are a great commitment for many persons, and this is why many of us tend to go with the transparent and removable ones instead. These are easier to install and use, not to mention that you can easily throw them if you get bored. The main idea here is that permanent extensions can still bring in a lot of value to our look, which is very important in a variety of situations. The recommended option here is to focus specifically on combining the eyelashes with a good makeup and thus bring in the extensions in front.

You do need to acquire high quality extensions, because the lower quality ones will just tend to get destroyed very fast, and this is the last thing you want to do. Instead, we recommend you to check out the high quality ones as they are easier to install and the satisfaction will be indeed guaranteed.

You do need to be committed if you want permanent extensions, but on the other hand this can be an extraordinary experience and one that will help you learn a lot. It’s nice and exciting to have stunning, eyelash extensions as they can bring in a lot of focus and make your eyes a lot more appealing.

Is committing to the permanent lash extensions a good idea?

Before you start placing these extensions, you need to think if you need them or not. There are situations, more specifically the medical ones that do make you use such lashes, but on the other hand these might not be as appealing as you might want, so caution is indeed needed when you commit to such a thing.

Tips on how to choose and gain the best extensions

If you want to acquire the best eyelash extensions, then there are a few things you have to take into account at all times, as these will help you a lot when it comes to using them. First, you need to think about the length. Sometimes, the length might not be important, which is easy to understand, but there are situations in which the permanent lashes do manage to bring in a lot of importance and value in the life of any person. The recommend option here is to opt for those that have varying lengths. These not only offer a more natural look, but they also include some shorter lashes that are designed specifically for filling in the gaps and the blank areas that appear from time to time in our lashes. Because of that, they manage to provide you with the crowded effect that many are looking for in such extensions.

Another great tip is to curl the natural lashes before you add extensions, as this will allow you to promote lash health and at the same time the process of adding those extensions will be a lot easier to perform because of that.

eyeliner-eyelashWe also recommend you to draw the eyeliner before you add the individual lashes. You have to think about the extensions and finish with them when you add make-up, instead of starting with them. This will give a more pleasant look and because of that the experience will be a lot more appealing and interesting as a whole. Also, do remember that you can easily make a mess if you draw over your extensions, and that’s why extra care is advised when adding the makeup.

If you are placing black lashes, the recommended option is to bring in a darker tone strip, as this will make it easier to blend the extensions. If you opt for brown lashes, then we recommend you to give in to a clearer tone, as that comes in handy for sure.

When you apply the extensions, you need to stop any fast or too hasty eye movements, because this is indeed a very bad thing. It will just bring in a negative effect on your look and that is definitely something you want to avoid. Sometimes, you will even warp the extension set with your eyes, and thus it’s a very good idea to opt for a simpler, more cohesive eye movement if you want to avoid such issue.

Also, if you do feel the need to apply some mascara on your extensions, you can do that, but don’t apply it beforehand, and instead place mascara after you apply the extensions.

Are the permanent extensions for my eyelashes a good idea?

Yes, they indeed are, because they provide you with a lot of variety and great results right from the start. These eyelashes bring in a very appealing look and the best part about it is that they will be there for a very long time. It’s a lot easier to opt for these if you have shorter lashes and wish for more density, true, but they do bring in a lot of other cool features, so overall we consider them as bring a great investment for people of all ages that want better, clearer and more interesting eyelashes. Well worth a try, these will be amazing for you, that’s a given.

All in all, the permanent extensions provide you with a lot of value and appeal, so don’t hesitate and give them a try, you will be amazed with the results at all times!

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