Learn the ultimate trick to get eyelash extensions at the best price on the market!

One of the most interesting things when it comes to creating a good, extraordinary look comes in the form of eyelash extensions. You will love these because they allow you to go as wild as you can, while also providing you with a great look that you will absolutely enjoy.

Usually, the daily skincare regimen needs to be as simple as possible in order to retain a natural, yet cool looking appeal, but there are situations when we just want to be over the top. These are the situations when using a blush, concealer, mascara and a liquid liner simply won’t cut it, and because of that you need to find an additional way of making the best out of your look. This is where the eyelash extensions come in handy. But how can the eyelash extensions help us, and why should we use them? Let’s find out.

What are the eyelash extensions?

These extensions are the best way to add an extra length as well as thickness to the lashes, especially if you have some that aren’t as lush as you would expect. These lashes are usually found in the professional make-up world, but one can use them in a variety of other situations, so you just need to acquire some and use them in the right moment.

But as easy as it might sound, placing these extensions isn’t something to do within your home. This requires the work of a professional, so don’t expect to just do this on your own, because it simple won’t happen. You will need to find a company that provides you with such a service, and you need to be certain that they are professional, sanitary and safe.

Another reason to work with a professional comes from the fact that even if you could do them on your own, you will have lots of tools close to the eyeball, and even the simplest mistake can lead to a catastrophe, so keep that in mind.

Which is the cost of eyelash extensions?

If you are wondering about how much are eyelash extensions, then you need to know that prices range based on the salon you choose to work with. A median cost here should be anywhere between $50 and up to $100. A professional and respectable salon might cost even more than that, but do remember that quality does matter, so if you want the job done properly and by a professionally, you might want to shell out the extra cash!

How long do the eyelash extensions last?

One thing is certain, these do not last forever, so just get that out of your head because it’s not going to happen. Instead, it’s important to note that they will fall at the same time with your natural lashes. As a side note, these fall each 60-90 days, so you can opt for a model that defines you, as you will have it for at least 2 months.

You can try to get them replaced if you want, and the replacing needs to be performed every 5 to 8 weeks as it will help you a lot. The idea is that as soon as you see them falling, right from the first signs, you should try to get them replaced, as that is indeed a necessity.

What are these extensions made of?

The eyelash extensions are created out of a multitude of materials, each one having a specific set of features. The main idea here is that most of them are created out of synthetic polyester, silk and mink! When it comes to their length, this tends to vary quite a lot, as they can be either very long or very short, depending on the situation.

If you are wondering how and when you can wear mascara with such extensions, the reality is that this is a possibility, but do keep in mind that this can easily cause damage to the lashes, so you need to be a little weary when doing this, as it can easily backfire and damage the overall appeal of your eyelashes. If you still want to use mascara, a good idea is to place it at the tip of the lashes, in order to obtain the best results. Of course, you should try and avoid make-up in this situation if possible, or at least place a very small amount.

Does this procedure hurt?

In general, this isn’t a painful procedure, so you shouldn’t be afraid by it. There are however persons that developed a negative reaction when it comes to the materials involved in the process, so if you do feel a sense of discomfort, burning or pain, you have to stop immediately. Technicians should have the proper training in this regard, so follow their lead.

Can I get extensions if I have contacts?

Even people with contacts can get eyelash extensions, that will not be a problem. However, the main idea here is to check with the doctor first. Sometimes the eyes might get an irritation and the contacts might not feel comfortable at all. This is why, if you have a tendency to have your eyes dry most of the time, you should use a contacts case so you can easily take them out when needed. This will make the experience a lot easier and better for you as well as your eyes, so keep it in mind!

How to make the extensions last longer?

A good idea in this regard is to sleep on your back. It can get a little difficult to get accustomed to these, so try to avoid sleeping on the side or any other way that implies direct contact with the pillow. At the same time, avoid touching the lashes, as this will lower their stability and they will fall.

In conclusion, the eyelash extensions aren’t that expensive to begin with, and you will have a great time using them, that’s a given. We recommend you to work with a professional when it comes to placing or removing them, but opt for a high quality salon in order to obtain the best outcome!

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